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Digital Marketing Masterclass

Become a Strategic Marketer by using all the channels of Digital Marketing on the Internet. Upgrade your digital skills to grow your business

Profile of partcipants:
Sales, Marketing and Communication Executives and Managers

Course Type:

Course delivery Requirement:
Classroom, Workplace

Theory (18)
Practical (12)
Total (30)

Launch Date:
7 May 2018

Course fee:
Rs35,000 per participant. Rs 300,000 group of 10


Course outline, see Syllabus. Trainer: Gunputh Rao Ramah (MQA Registered Trainer TR8425)

Digital Marketing Masterclass

Topics Subtopics Learning Outcomes Theory Practical
Digital Marketing Masterclass Search Engine Optimisation implementation Understand how Google works, Keyword research, on page and off page optimization. 3 2
Pay per click campaigns Understand different paid online ads platforms. Using Google Adwords interface to set up search, display and video campaigns. 3 2
Email Marketing Email marketing processes: Data collection, segmentation, management, ESP and metrics. 3 2
Social Media Using Facebook and Instagram for business. Setting up pages. Best Practices. Setting up paid campaigns. Ads Manager. Insignts. Using LinkedIn for business. Understanding Premium accounts. 4 2
Campaign Strategy and Planning Understand digital strategy processes – situation analysis, Targeting audiences, Resources, Budgeting, Implementation Case Studies. 3 2
Analytics Understanding the Google Analytics platform. Audiences, metrics, behavior of online users, website traffic and acquisition. 2 1
18 12

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